Speciality massages and baths

Massages and wraps

Indulge your body in true relaxation and choose from the wide range of massages and wraps on offer in our wellness centre.

Aroma massage

Combines the beneficial effects of massage by hand and aroma oils, the aromatic essence of which acts on the central nervous system and contributes towards comprehensive treatment of the body.
Duration: 25/50 min.

Lava stone massage

This is a specific type of massage, during which heated lava stones are used, which are placed at selected places on the body (chakras, energy lines, problematic “stiff” places) or the stones are heated and used to perform the massage. A combination of everything is ideal to ensure maximum help. We could characterise this therapy as highly relaxing, anti-stress and harmonious.
Duration: 25/55 min.

Honey detoxification massage

A more vigorous detoxification massage which relaxes blockages inside the body and subsequently has a positive effect on the joints, muscles and organs in the body.
Duration: 25 min.

Felicitas massage

This is a combination of three procedures. It begins with reflexology massage, during which pressure is applied to reflex points on the soles of the feet. This is followed by a foot wrap from velvety butter, which regenerates the skin on the foot. This is then followed by a classic partial back massage.
Duration: 55 min.

Warm caress

Treatment of the back and neck muscles with the beneficial effect of warm seaweed compresses thanks to which stiff muscles are relaxed. This is followed by a classic partial massage.
Duration: 50 min.

Hawaiian massage (Lomi-Lomi)

This is a massage which is performed completely using the whole of the forearms and gives the impression of a never-ending touch. It can be performed as a relaxation or invigorating massage. This massage is performed on the back, buttocks, lower limbs, upper limbs, shoulders and nape of the neck. Hawaiian massage is based on very gentle and fluent techniques that come from the Hawaiian islands and is one of the most popular methods of relaxation.
Duration: 55 min.

Orange dream massage

This is a full body treatment. At the start gentle peeling is performed using orange salt, which removes dead skin and smoothes the skin. This treatment also includes a relaxation massage of the back using warm orange oil. After this, the body is smeared with heated orange butter, which relaxes and softens the skin wonderfully, leaving a pleasant aroma of oranges behind.  
Duration: 55 min.                                               

Chocolate massage partial

This procedure begins with peeling, which consists of cinnamon, cocoa powder, natural sugar and coconut. After this, once warm chocolate has been applied, the client can choose a chocolate massage or wrap. The procedure is excellent for smoothing, rejuvenating and beautifying the skin, promoting a good mood, washing away toxic substances and relaxing stiff muscles. Thanks to the chocolate massage or wrap, the body absorbs vitamins through the skin, as well as amino acids, minerals and antioxidants. It has a beneficial effect on the activity of the heart and overall detoxification. The full massage includes peeling, a massage...
Duration: 25./75 min.

Cinnamon wrap with massage

Cinnamon is known for its ability to warm and promote circulation. In terms of the wrap, cinnamon oil is applied to problematic parts of the body and left to take effect. Cinnamon wraps are very effective at removing cellulite and decreasing the volume of the thighs and bottom. How the cinnamon wrap helps: improves cellular metabolism (burning subcutaneous fat, reduces fat pockets, helps remove cellulite, makes you slimmer and models the figure, supports blood circulation and detoxifies (stimulates drainage of toxic substances from the body). 
Duration: 55 min.

Relaxation ear candle

Ear candles are made from a mixture of beeswax and natural fabric. Therapy has an overall effect on the body and improves its immune system, which is strengthened via the reflex zones of the ear. It is used as prevention against illnesses from the common cold, ear diseases, mental overload, stress and for problems of the upper airways.
Duration: 25 min.

Aromatic paraffin hand wrap

This has a beneficial effect on the locomotor system, peripheral paresis, spastic processes, but also has cosmetic effects (e.g. softens the skin, strengthens the nails and similar). This is applied to the hands and the limbs are subsequently wrapped, in order to avoid heat loss. Removal of the paraffin is simple, as it easily peels off.
Duration: 20 min.

Velvet foot wrap

Has a beneficial effect on the skin of the foot. Regenerates cracks and dry skin thanks to velvety butter, which contains almond and jojoba oil, thanks to which the skin remains beautifully soft.
Duration: 20 min.  


The French Thalgo brand has already been handing on the wealth and exceptional potential of the sea and seaweed in the form of care cosmetics for more than 45 years. Ground seaweed is rich in minerals, trace elements, copper and zinc, detoxifies and thus also slims the body. Treatment customised to the requirements of the individual client effectively combats fat pockets, cellulite and also helps to break down stress and provides a high level of relaxation. 

INDOCÉANE spa treatment

This is a unique combination of peeling, massages and wraps with a high level of anti-stress effects.

Indocéane – sweet and salty aromatic peeling and wrap

Cleansing peeling, in which cane sugar mixes with salt and essential oils from the Mediterranean. It is nutritious and leaves your skin smooth and soft as silk. The uplifting wrap contains Qi-Marine and Holy lotus. A silky caress which regenerates suppleness. The mild aroma of talc enhances the anti-stress effects.
Duration of the procedure: 60 min.

Indocéane – uplifting body wrap and massage

This original procedure uses a nutritious mixture of relaxing essential oils from sacred Indian woods and healing Nimba oil for an in-depth and original massage. The Qi-Marine and Holy lotus body wrap supports the skin’s suppleness and enhances the anti-stress effects.
Duration of the procedure: 60 min.

Marine prelude

Peeling and remineralisation treatment - Marine prelude, thoroughly removes dead and dry skin. It is also suitable as preparation before further treatment, because removal of dead cells increases its effectiveness. This is ideal before a holiday in combination with self-tanning.
Duration of treatment: 75 min.

Silky feet -  scrub, wrap, foot massage (45 min)

Body seaweed wrap with facial and head massage  (55min)

Body seaweed wrap with foot massage (50min)

Speciality baths

Bath rituals in a copper bath with luxurious oils

Rejuvenating bath Queen of Egypt / Refreshing citrus bath / Aromatherapy bath


Spa Ritual Queen of Egypt - full body aromatherapy, full body scrub using salts and oils Queen of Egypt, detoxifying sea mud wrap, facial, full body aroma massage. Duration : 90min 

Antistress Spa ritual - full body aromatherapy, full body scrub using salts and special oils, detoxifying sea mud wrap, full body aroma massage Duration: 90min

Pleasure Spa Ritual -  ull body aromatherapy, full body scrub using salts and special oils with the base of citrus fruits, detoxifying sea mud wrap, facial, full body aroma massage. Duration: 75min

​Flower Spa ritual  -  a unique treatment for soothing, moisturizing, nourishment and rejuvenation of the skin around the face and body. Full body peeling with salt from the Dead Sea, full body seaweed wrap, facial, head masage and full body aroma massage. Duration : (90 min)

Luxurious relaxing massage of the face, neck and head - face and neck are massaged with virgin wheat germ oil, and head with a rosemary tincture. Duration: (25 min)